Andi Zeisler, author of "We Were Feminists Once", will discuss the New Feminism with journalist Susanne Klingner.

Admission: €2.

Remaining tickets available at the Amerikahaus box office.

The New Feminism to Go - How a Social Movement Became the Latest Must-Have

Lecture and Discussion / Admission: €2 / Registration is no longer possible, remaining tickets will be available at the Amerikahaus box office


Anmeldungen können leider nicht mehr angenommen werden. Kurzfristig freiwerdende Plätze gibt es über die Abendkasse vor Ort.

A white shirt with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s book title We All Should Be Feminists is sold by Dior for impressive USD 550. At H&M you can buy shirts and sweaters with feminist slogans. Cars, deodorant, fashion, everything is sold with ads that stress the idea of “empowerment.” 2017 seems to be the year feminism became the latest must-have. And that is, well, surprising.

Andi Zeisler, founder and editorial/creative director of Bitch Magazine argues in her book We Were Feminists Once that feminism arrived at the center of today’s media and pop-culture marketplace. Witty and convincing, she tells the story of how we let this happen, and how we can reclaim feminism’s real purpose and power.

Moderation: Susanne Klingner, Journalist

Organizers: Bavarian American Academy, Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations, Frauenstudien München, Rotpunktverlag


(Photo: Andi Zeisler / ©Jeffery Wall)