Lecture and Discussion on "Health Care in America: How, Why, What Next?" which takes place at the Augsburg University on October 12, 2017. Free admission, please register below.

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Health Care in America: How, Why, What Next?

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Universität Augsburg
Raum J 2101 (1. Stock in der Fakultät der Wirtschaftswissenschaften)
Universitätsstraße 16
86159 Augsburg

Among the most developed nations, the United States has a rather unique health care system. The basic question is why? William Pierce, senior director of APCO Worldwide, will talk about the U.S. Health Care System followed by a discussion with the audience.


About the U.S. Health Care System

While often leading in drug discovery, new technologies, and treatments, the U.S. does not have universal coverage. Yet it spends more per capita on health care than all other developed nations but its health indictors do not match spending. Adding to the mystery, many non-US come to America to receive care, especially when they are very sick.


The U.S. health care system is a combination of federal and state government programs targeted at specific populations, employer provided health insurance and an individual market now organized and partially subsidized by the federal government that while designed to be mandatory does not function as such.  All this and yet the US uninsured rate is around 9% with an underinsured rate perhaps twice as high. How did the US get here?


One answer is clear, it was not through strategic decision making. Instead, national culture, economics, politics and incremental decision making combined to create the system the US has today. Come listen and take part in a discussion: “The US Health Care System: How, Why, What Next?” and hear about the political, economic and policy factors that have shaped and will continue to shape the U.S. system.


About William Pierce

Mr. Pierce, senior director of APCO Worldwide, is the lead media relations strategist in their Washington, D.C. office. His policy work includes helping clients navigate the policy, media and political environment around the Affordable Care Act, communicating around complex health care issues including the Medicare program and Food and Drug Administration actions as well as higher education issues and international development.


He also works on issues relating to the First Amendment providing strategic advice, messaging and reputation counsel as well tactical implementation of campaign tactics. His work includes leading a major national multi-year campaign involving several partner organizations. In his work, he leads one of APCO DC’s largest client accounts.


William Pierce holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and English and a master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Pittsburgh. He is an adjunct professor at The Johns Hopkins University Advanced Academic Program, where he teaches classes in media relations and crisis communication.


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